Brainstorm Calm


Brainstorming on what the blog page is going to be about.

I want to use this platform to showcase my progress in fitness and write more!

So, This blog page is MOSTLY about how i keep up with myself.

I have always wanted to start a  blog or a Youtube channel but i never got the courage to do it.

Feel free to leave comments on advice or tips, i should look for when i do my dues.

Growing up watching American movies and i remember so vividly watching Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and i was ever so fascinated by her.  Strong, Confident and Beautiful! she was absolutely amazing. That’s the idea of what a woman is, stuck into my head.

Even though where i grew up, women were consistently brought down and told what to do. They embraced beauty but not being strong.

but here we go!

I did a practice the other day and recorded it. I felt the need to view my posture especially at certain poses.

I don’t go to Yoga classes, i manly practice at home. I have been doing so for the past 6 months, and the progress….it is very very slow.

I have been active for years! however, i always took stretching for granted. Especially my legs. I used to workout my lower body a lot and i wasn’t mindful of “the power of the stretch”.

The pose in the video above is called “CAT COW” .  It is important that you master this pose because you will need your back to open up. It’s what you should start with to help oxygen flow through your back; (be mindful of your stomach and core) Inhale: expand the tummy. Exhale: Contract the tummy and tuck it in.

I understand why the progress is slow. known what i used to do, I am not surprised that it will take long. Everything takes time and I am seeing much improvement especially in the inner hip area.

On this particular day I wasn’t feeling %100. As you can see my face is slowly waking up because this is from my morning flow and my right shoulder was in a lot of pain(I struggle with inflammation once in while it comes and goes).

This pose, when i first did it,  I was confused. I didn’t go as far i could and the video has moved on. I see the my heals are not touching my butt so i gotta work on that. I follow videos through some of my practice to get tips and tricks.

btw, Excuse my organized mess. I like to grab a sweater, socks and of course coffee for my morning routine. I look forward to that sip of coffee while i do my yoga….It’s AMAZING.

I think it is important to be active and important to do something for yourself. Comfort yourself. The best way to get into a habit, is to have something to look forward to do when you do it and make it more exciting.

This is my favorite pose, Downward facing dog- and the other one i really don’t know what i’ts called. but it is one of my favorite poses too. I find myself just doing it randomly throughout the day if i am not doing anything.

Yoga is not just about the stretch and being able to do certain poses, it’s really a learning journey. You learn to clear your head and know how to organize your thought.

And you find yourself some days more flexible than others. We’re all different at the end of the day. And the more damage you have done to your body the more it’s going to take for it to heal. And that’s the same for the mind (since people think it don’t need a break).

Yoga is great for people who don’t necessary believe in a certain religion.

I think of it as the washing machine for the brain. I think that what prayer is or does. Or more like [cleansing the bad thoughts out] and [rearranging your thoughts to make yourself less overwhelmed].

Food for thought.

Tips For Starters is going to be the next week’s topic. And our vision is to focus.


How to Get into it

From diet this to a program that, we all have fallen off the wagon at some point in time or you always wanted to start but find yourself lack motivation to do it.

We all live 24hrs in a day we all believe that time is valuable and it always feels sucky when wasted.

It all comes down to mindset. We love to sobotage ourselves or resistance…mistaken for lazyness sometimes, it’s all just different word for the same thing.

and I believe it’s all in the mind. I find myself whenever I pull up a planner I get excited and overwhelmed at the same time, and my mind just won’t stop thinking about how much I have to do and I end up not doing anything.

And I know many out there share the same cycle of procrastination.

However A mind trick, would work!!

DO it WHEN you THINK of it.

Planning ahead is one thing, but getting started is one other. I found it easier when I didn’t plan for it, whenever I think of working out- I do 50 squats lunges or pushups just to easy the mind out of it.

And then I took yoga on the daily. I felt much better and got me setting a whole different set of goals.

GOAL Setting and having PURPOSE in life is key for healthier mind. Always thriving to be better at every category of life.

Not to achieve protection buy to be able to challenge yourself At the end it is YOU vs.YOU!





Thanks for joining me!


My name is Tewa, I am an amateur Yogi. I began my journey 5 months ago and it has been life changing.

Growing up, i was over weight and taller than most kids my age. I never really thought of it as problem [but, of course it’s life and there’s always gotta be haters].

However, i was always comfortable with my body. It was simply not an issue….. until i decided to go on the scale and measure myself, and what i saw was not a number at all.

What i saw was a decision.. i saw my future, two alternate futures and only one letter to differentiate them… fat or fit? and i chose FIT

In Conclusion

WE all start somewhere and whither it’s working on the body or the mind..and staring is the beginning.

So! I want to share my journey of finding my high flex and proving that anyone can do anything, you just gotta START!.





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